Not all items are pictured are guaranteed to be in stock. This gallery is a representation of what we carry. Our inventory is constantly changing and many items are one-of-a-kind pieces. Please stop in our store to see all current inventory.

Rare Rooms

You step into a room and feel a sense of calm, wonder, or excitement. The design sets the tone, and the furniture adds the specific details that make a room come to life. Choose a theme that spills from one room to the next, or create a unique environment through each doorway.

Fabulous Finds

Sometimes, you need just that one item to tie the whole room together. With our unique variety of knick-knacks and centerpieces, one is certain to call out to you by name. Placed in the right room, it will be the talk of your next party, with everyone asking, “Where DID you find that?”

Our Shopping Experience

Who doesn’t love the thrill of the hunt? With all of these rare and fabulous items to choose from, you’ll find yourself wandering around our showrooms discovering something new and wonderful with every turn. And because we have created a hassle-free shopping experience, you’ll return again and again just to see what’s new.

Design Details

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference, and everything you find at the Potato Barn has a personality all its own. Which piece will speak to you? What detail will you notice that reflects your unique style?